All-natural Homemade Citrus Cleaner

Author: Rachel  Date Posted:1 September 2020 

Who has tried making this super simple citrus cleaner? It’s amazing! All-natural, no chemicals. No plastic. It’ll replace half the stuff in your cupboard.


Citrus fruit skins contain d-limonene, a natural solvent that chemically reacts with oil to break it down, which makes it really good for cleaning grease and grime, as well as a myriad of other things that have nothing to do with cleaning, like reducing heartburn, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it's even been used to help dissolve gallstones.

You can use this cleaner to clean benchtops, stovetops, appliances, glass, sinks, baths, showers, even floors! It’s really versatile.

Plus it smells really good!

Oranges work great but any citrus fruit will do. This one pictured was a mix of orange and lemon.

If you need an excuse for a big batch, freeze the lemon, orange, lime or other juice in ice cube trays for later use in cooking or drinks. Frozen mandarin pieces make great snacks for kids!

Homemade Citrus Cleaner


  • Wash the skins thoroughly before use. Ensure all the flesh and pith is gone and you’re left with just peel.
  • Grab a repurposed glass jar and stuff the peels in there.
  • Cover peels with white vinegar.
  • Ensure the lid is on tight and store in a cupboard for a couple of weeks, giving it a shake now and then and ensuring all peels remain covered by the vinegar.

Voila! Two weeks later you have your own-brew Citrus Cleaner.

Add it to a spray bottle with 1:1 filtered water for cleaning, or straight for tough spot jobs.

Off you go... get cleaning!


NOTE: I used a repurposed spray bottle for my citrus cleaner, that previously had another cleaner in it. If you're going to do this, ensure you wash it out thoroghly. Some harsher chemicals react badly with other substances. This one just originally held a mild eco cleaner, and the bottle had also previously been filled with straight vinegar for cleaning mirrors and windows.


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