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Author: Rachel  Date Posted:2 June 2023 

Chemical Free Living: Many of the chemical additives in our every day products are toxic, persistent and bioaccumulative, and they're not even required to be disclosed!

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Things that concern us at Reusable Planet, number 2,356...


While our masthead mission is to reduce the unnecessary use of single-use plastic, we're also really concerned about the overuse of toxic chemicals in our every day products and committed to help you and your family reduce the amount in your family's life and in the environment.

Many of the ingredients in our cosmetics, cleaning and household products include variations of known carcinogens, hormone disrupting chemicals (EDCs), irritants and neurotoxins.

And what's even worse, manufacturers of these potentially hazardous products aren't even legally required to list these ingredients in many cases.

So scroll below to find our collection of articles on synthetic chemical additives, tips on how to avoid them and DIY recipes for easy chemical free living.


Let us know if you have any questions!


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  Date Posted: 4 January 2023

While sunscreens protect us from harsh UV rays, who’s protecting the coral reefs from sunscreen? An estimated 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen is being deposited in the world's oceans each year. Is this a problem?

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