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Plastic is designed to last forever, yet we’re often using single-use plastic items for only a few minutes.War On Waste, single-use plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental challenges the world faces today.

Our landfill, oceans and waterways are being choked with plastic waste. An estimated eight million tonnes of plastic are going into the ocean each year. Wildlife, including fish and birds, are ingesting and becoming entangled in plastics that drift into their habitat. Microsplastics are in our food chain.

Australia is one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world. It takes only 1 minute for Australians to produce 1 tonne of plastic waste, and only 20% of Australian household plastic waste is recycled.

We need to do better. We need to rethink how we do things. How we package things. How we use things. What we purchase.

Lots of small changes add up to a big difference!

Below is a list of our buying guides. Delve a little bit deeper into the products we offer and why we offer them.

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Credit: Some of the statistics above were sourced from ABC Australia’s War on Waste series