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Reusable Planet is a proud member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, whose mission is to work toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways, oceans, and the environment...




  Date Posted: 14 December 2021

Christmas is a time for excesses, and with that comes plenty of extra waste, including harmful plastic waste. Much of it can be avoided with many little - and easy - changes to your Christmas routine to be more Earth-friendly this Holiday season.

  Date Posted: 2 November 2020

Making the switch to solid shampoo bars is one way you can reduce your plastic waste in the bathroom. But if you choose all-natural you’ll need to wean your hair & scalp off the chemicals found regular bottled shampoos. Here’s how to maximise your success

  Date Posted: 12 October 2020

Halloween has experienced increasing popularity in Australia recently, but it’s the staggering amount of plastic waste Halloween is responsible for that is really scary. BOO! So how can you avoid increasing your use of plastic and still enjoy the holiday?

  Date Posted: 14 October 2019

In just 70 years, more than 8 billion metric tons of virgin plastics have been produced worldwide, and it all still exists in some form today. Microplastics are in our atmosphere, our water and our food chain. It’s time to wean ourselves off plastic.

  Date Posted: 1 October 2019

We live in a climate where supermarkets prepack fresh produce in polystyrene trays and plastic wrap, often charging less for it than the unwrapped equivalent. Customers put one piece of fruit in a single-use plastic produce bag. This has to stop.

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  Date Posted: 24 August 2019

Bolsonaro fiddles as the Amazon Rainforest burns: Just like Rome's decadent and unpopular emperor at the time, Nero, Brazil’s President is an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis. What can you do?