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What is Eco-Gifting? Sounds complicated and expensive? | We all have to buy gifts now and again, so how can you put the ECO into Gifting? It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The Creator of Reusable Planet explains just how easy it is to provide thoughtful, low impact gifts for family and friends.


Eco GiftingWith Christmas just around the corner, do you think about the waste associated with your gifting? Try Eco Gifting!

Quite simply, just ask yourself, ‘what impact does my purchase have on people and the planet?’ and choose wisely. That’s it!

Consider features like… how much plastic is in the product? Is there a plastic-free alternative? Is it built to last, or is it a one-day wonder? Is it made from natural materials and can it be recycled or composted at the end of its life? Is it made locally or does it have high carbon miles? Is it an eco friendly gift from a small business or an ‘eco friendly’ gift from a marketplace giant like Amazon? Is it made with a high-pollution manufacturing process? Does it come from a reputable brand with good workplace conditions? Does it have eco friendly packaging?

In essence, when you have no clue what to get someone, don’t resort to smelly, chemical-laden soap and moisturiser gift combos from the chemist, packaged in a bubble of plastic and imported from overseas.

It doesn’t take much effort at all to Eco Gift! You just need to think outisde the box a little! So, here’s my TOP TIPS for eco-friendly, less waste, low-carbon, high satisfaction gift ideas to suit just about anyone!


A-for-effort with personalised gifts made with love. Perfect for close friends and family, who will no doubt appreciate the time and effort put into making the gift. If you’re a crafting queen, jam impresario or green thumb, why not put your talent to use! Think… A family portrait; a knitted beanie; fresh apple pie; a potted garden clipping; dried herbs from the garden in a salvaged glass jar. And what grandparent wouldn’t be happy with a masterpiece from the grandkids?

I’d prefer a freshly home baked, preservative-free apple pie to the imported moisturiser. Wouldn’t you?


You can find a fun experience to suit anyone: your boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, uncle Norman and the graduating kindy class of 2023.

Think Escape Room, a fancy high tea, horse riding or a ticket to Monster Trucks Rule. Cinema tickets, laser tag or a theme park. You can find a fun experience to suit anyone, and you might get to enjoy it with them.


Plastic free and a great way to ensure that you won’t get the wrong thing/colour/size. Think local toy store, iTunes, Movie card, favourite clothing store, music streaming service! Make sure you choose a digital option so it’s plastic free!


Your best friend always wanted to learn pottery, your mum wants to speak Italian and your husband reckons he’d make a good chef. Buy some lessons and let them find out! It’s personal and thoughtful and may be the best (or worst) present ever!


It might sound like a small thing, but many wonderful things happen when you buy locally and/or from a small business. Your money stays in the local community; you are supporting local families with meals on the table, school shoes, memberships to the local sports clubs and helping small businesses and local jobs to thrive.

Eco friendly ribbons, bags and bows to finish off any eco gift

Who doesn’t love a good specialty, makers or Farmers Market? The local markets are a great place for unique and locally handmade gifts, plants or putting together a fruit basket with locally grown produce.


Pre-loved and regifting is the new black! Don’t be afraid, it’s totally okay in to provide a gift that could be better appreciated by someone else.


Books are an excellent choice. There’s something to suit everyone, from mystery novels to romance, cook books to colouring books.


A donation to the right organisation in someone’s name is a great option for the right person. If you prefer something more tangible try a charity gift shop and still do extra good!

e.g. Cancer Council | For Dignity


Don’t forget to eco wrap it! Think kraft paper with natural ribbons, reusable gift bags, or make the wrapping part of the gift with a nice scarf or reusable shopping bag.


If you want to know more about the impact of the eco gifting inspo above, or to share your best eco gifting tips, comment below!



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