On-The-Go Reusable Cups

Kick the disposable habit! Choose to reuse with our stylish on-the-go eco products for trashless takeaway!

Our most popular reusable coffee cups are made from 50% wheat fibre and microwave safe! Available in Regular (350ml) or Large (450ml).

There are thousands of cafes and restaurants across Australia offering a small discount to customers who BYO! Head over to  Responsible Cafes to learn more!

Due to the plastic lining in takeaway cups, it is very challenging for waste management streams to recycle them. In order to hold a hot drink for a period of time, the plastic is too thick to be sent to paper recycling streams. Current kerbside and public waste management cannot effectively separate the two materials so the cups get sent to landfill. Customers dispose of their ‘paper cup’ in their paper recycling with best intentions but this in fact contaminates the collection which can result in the whole bin getting sent to landfill.

  • An estimated 1 billion coffee cups are used in Australia every year – most of these are not recycled
  • This is enough to circumnavigate the world two and a half-times
  • Most people don't realise that coffee cups can't be recycled
  • 50,000 cups are used in Australia every half hour.
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