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Here at REUSABLE PLANET, we’re all about… well… reusable stuff! We source sustainable products that replace single-use plastics, one of the biggest long-term issues our planet faces. But we’re more than that! We encourage people to change their everyday lifestyle habits to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.

Lots of small changes add up to a big difference. And that’s what REUSABLE PLANET is all about. Come and make a small difference with us.

We offer free shipping in Australia for all orders over $100.

Are you Plastic Free July ready?



Find everything you need to go Plastic Free in July here at Reusable Planet.

To support Plastic Free July, we're having a new special every week from June 10 to July. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for all the details.

Read our Plastic Free July blog article to understand why reducing our use of singlue-use plastic is so important.

Take part in the Plastic Free July challenge and attempt to reduce your plastic consumption. Sign up for the challenge here

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