Great Alternatives to Balloons For Your Next Event

Author: Rachel  Date Posted:24 July 2023 

Looking for alternatives to balloons for your next eco event? Then look no further. Here's our 7 best alternatives to helium, latex, synthetic or foil balloons for your next party or event without being a party pooper!


But first...


Well, yes, is the short answer. Especially helium balloons.

Numerous studies have shown balloons to be an environmental nightmare, with wildlife and marine animals paying the highest cost - with their lives. Helium balloons especially are an issue. A CSIRO study identified balloons among the top three most harmful pollutants threatening marine wildlife, along with plastic bags and bottles.

I think most people would be happy to give up balloons if they knew the harm caused. Don’t you?

So where does that leave the party?

Well, here’s our best suggestions for alternatives to synthetic, latex or plastic-lined foil balloons for your next party or occasion.



Flower Bombs – You can buy these or make your own. A Flower Bomb is a little ball made up of nutrient-dense compost, native flower or bush seeds and sometimes clay. The Flower Bomb can be thrown as part of a ceremony in an appropriate location or taken home as a memento. These are a great option for a memorial for someone special that has passed on.

Flower Bombs are definitely better than a helium balloon release, which is considered littering in most states of Australia.

Ocean Float – These usually form part of a ceremony to honour someone and consist entirely of a natural float (usually sticks formed to make a mini raft) adorned with flowers and or petals, perhaps a beeswax candle, notes or other important memorabilia. This is floated out to sea to symbolise farewelling someone or marking a special occasion.

Bubbles (everyone loves bubbles!) – Grab a bubble machine or make your own and get the kids involved!

Paper ballons in shades of pink

Paper Balloons or Pom Poms – these paper decorations make a great alternative to plastic or latex balloons. They do need to be ‘inflated’ by peeling the layers back and creating a paper ‘ball’ to hang in the place of balloons. They come in assorted colours and sizes.  

Paper and Fabric Banners – a colourful banner adds a lot of visual appeal las well as an announcement of what is being celebrated. These can be made from paper, cardboard or scrap material and can include lettering or patterns. They are often reusable. You can buy them or make your own.

Paper Chains and Streamers – What a great craft activity with kids! Or buy from a party shop. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, paper decorations are gentler on the environment than synthetic.

Paper Lanterns - Colourful and effective, paper lanterns come on string like bunting or hang individual lanterns to suit. You can even make papier mache lanterns with the kids as a fun project.

Kites – These are great for a kid’s party if you are trying to avoid balloons. They can be a party gift, a craft activity or floating decorations on a windy day attached to a fence.


Will you rethink balloons for your next event? If you’re not ready to give them up just yet, make sure you keep helium balloons well-tied or indoors and read our blog on how you can recycle balloons in Australia. 


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