Agreena 3 in 1 | Wrap Seal Bake

The first re-usable, non-toxic & recyclable eco wrap that replaces cling film, aluminium foil & baking paper.


Eco-warriors! Throw out the glad wrap, the foil AND the baking paper… the Agreena 3-in-1 Wrap Seal Bake will replace them all!

I was feeling like I was nailing the soft plastic recycling war - washing and hanging out my dirty plastic food wraps and plastic bags and plastic packaging from supermarket products to get them clean for the REDcycle bin. Congratulating myself every time I finished a pack of bikkies and recycled the packaging instead of throwing it out. Wrapping my cheese and sliced produce in a beeswax wrap to reduce my cling wrap usage. WINNING!

Then I started thinking about the foil I was throwing out. I was reusing any clean foil when I could, but the foil covered with baked-on cheese was going straight in the bin! Could these single pieces of foil be recycled?

Well, yes… a quick search on Google revealed foil will generally be accepted in your Council recycling bins. Not only is aluminium foil 100% recyclable, but recycling it saves 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw materials, and it is infinitely recyclable, making it the most valuable material to recycle.

Foil baking trays can go straight in loose (if you can’t reuse them). Smaller pieces of foil can be put in aluminium cans to be recycled, or you can collect your foil in a ball until it is at least the size of a tennis ball, then in the recycle bin it goes… baked on cheese removed, of course!

I felt bad for all the foil I had tossed in general waste in the past and felt newly determined to reduce the amount of foil I used, as well as making a concerted effort to recycle all the foil I did use. One more lifestyle habit I could change to reduce my landfill footprint. WINNING!

So then I turned my attention to baking paper? I use it all the time. Surely it isn’t too bad for the environment? It’s paper, right?

Not so! It depends on the type of paper you use, but it turns out the paper is chemically treated and then most are coated with plastic, chemicals or silicone. My brand didn’t say on the packaging what exactly it was coated with, so I have to assume it’s not eco-friendly or compostable. NOT WINNING! :(

It started niggling at me. I wanted to stop using baking paper and avoid foil and cling wrap further where I could. Then I saw an Instagram post recommending a new product from a little Aussie start-up: the Agreena 3-in-1 wrap seal and bake.

This product claims to replace cling wrap, foil AND baking paper. Seems it could also replace my beeswax wraps, too! It wraps a sandwich, seals a bowl of salad, or bakes up a storm. It will stretch and stick to anything — including itself — creating a seal to protect your food.

Made from the highest quality food grade 100% pure silicone (no fillers), the 3-in-1 wrap can withstand temperatures up to 220°C and is safe for the oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer. As a stable compound, it will not change the flavour of or release odours that might affect food quality. And the best part is you just wash with warm soapy water and reuse again and again! WINNING!

I had to get some… and I have to say they are awesome! I still have a roll of foil, cling wrap and baking paper on the shelf, but they are dusty and lonely and barely ever see the light of day. There is almost no reason to use any of them any more…

So aside from reducing the use of chemicals and energy that goes into making these products, and reducing the waste of the products themselves, think of all the packaging from those non-reusable products I am saving, as well! TOTALLY WINNING!

The small Aussie company that developed the Agreena 3-in-1 wrap pledge to invest a percentage of every sale in climate protection projects that comply with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) criteria set down in the Kyoto Protocol.

And that is the story of how the Agreena reusable wrap seal and bake product is available to you from Reusable Planet. J We hope you will love it as much as we do!


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* While researching this article I realised there’s enough information on baking paper alone for a whole blog, so please research this! If you prefer disposable, look for a natural greaseproof paper, which does not have any chemical treatments or coatings of plastic, chemicals or silicone. Instead, the paper pulp is beaten hard so the fibres bond more firmly and it can be recycled, composted or burnt.